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10 ways to save health and brain from mobile phone radiation

The fact that people willingly expose their brain to microwave radiation of mobile phones is the largest biologic experiment on human being in history.
Professor Leif Salford, the Head of Research Department of Lund University, Sweden


Only in the USA, there are 208 millions mobile phone users. In the most densely populated state of the world China the number is about twice as bigger, and the amount of mobile phone users in the whole world reaches 1.9 billions people.

Scientists fear that general expansion of mobile communication will result in health crisis of the whole mankind. Doctor George Carlo, the former research supervisor of the project of mobile phones safety investigation, predicts that as the consequence of mobile phones use 500,000 cases of cancer of brain and eyes can be fixed until 2010 annually. At present this figure amounts to 30-50 thousands cases annually. According to scientific researches, mobile phones eradiation directly damages health: it is proved that it results in headaches, hypertension, encephalomas, cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases.


On the photo: brain of rat before (in the left) and after the exposure to mobile phone irradiance (in the right)

Most of these diseases have latent period, that is why there will be years of research, before the full extent of damage is estimated. It should be noted that the repercussions of mobile phone irradiance can accumulate and that is why measures should be taken beforehand. It was this aim to tell people how to protect themselves from the harmful effect of microwave irradiance - with which EMF-Health web site (devoted to the protection against electromagnetic and radio-frequency emission) presented 10 rules and a tip, that are intended to reduce harmful effect of mobile phone electromagnetic irradiance. Here is what they advise:


  • Reduce the use of mobile phone and the length of conversation.
  • Children can use mobile phone only in case of emergency.
  • Use only wire-connected hands free sets.
  • Do not keep mobile switched-on phones in pockets or on belt.
  • Bring phone to an ear only when the person on other end picks up the receiver.
  • Do not use a mobile telephone in the car, the lift and other closed metal spaces.
  • It is not recommended to use phone when the charge indicator shows one strip.
  • Get mobile phones with the lowest SAR index.
  • Use only scientifically approved tested protection means against harmful radiation.
  • Use vitamin and mineral complexes, helping to reduce the reaction of the organism to the electromagnetic waves activity.

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Some guidelines may seem rather disputable. However, the implementation of the whole complex, apparently, can reduce harmful mobile phone effect on human being. The matter is whether we are ready to sacrifice progress to health.

From Textually.org and EMF-Health.


Mobiles irradiance damages genes

Radio-frequency emission, similar to that of mobile phones, can damage DNA cells, according to a group of scientists from Europe.
An extensive research studied the effect of small electromagnetic energy emission, similar to that of common mobile phones.

The investigation of the mobiles effect on living cells was performed by 12 research groups from seven European countries. The project was named Reflex; its realization took four years. The investigation was coordinated by German group Verum. In its course, scientists investigated the effect of mobile phones emission on the cells of humans and animals. These emissions caused damage to DNA genetic information carrier. The experimental cells showed a considerable increase of raptures in singular and double molecular chain of DNA. For 24 hours of radiation treatment of the cells in the 5 minutes of radiation, 10 minutes of rest mode this experiment almost doubled the frequency of DNA chains in comparison with the results of check model group. Besides, as stated the project leader Franz Adlkofer, there is danger for future cell generations. DNA lesions can lead to diseases, and if germ cells are damaged, to birth of invalid babies. One cell with defected DNA structure can germinate benign or malignant tumor. There exists a mechanism of reparation (elimination) of DNA defects in the cells; however, it sometimes fails to function. Defective cells are removed by immune system, yet, it either does not always happen. The research also showed that old cells have larger tendency to DNA lesions increase.

Irradiance safety standards of mobile phones recommended by European Council use special index - Specific Absorption Rate, SAR. Recommended value limit of SAR is presently 2.0 W/kg. Experimental cells were exposed to 0.32 W/kg. Most mobile phones, for comparison, have the level of irradiance of 0.51 W/kg. In conclusion, the report states that precise determination of mobile phones irradiance effect on cells will take 4-5 years. We do not want to spread panic, but recommend to take certain precautions said Franz Adlkofer. In particular, it is recommended to use ground communication when it is possible and talk by cell phone using hands free sets.

From Reuters

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Considering the positive clinical practice results of achieving stable remission with patients with genetic diseases one can assume that technologies have come very close to creation of really effective medicaments that restore human genetic apparatus having no harmful side effects. Tests of nano-technologic equipment software product showed that these smart machines very quickly adapt to genetics of any human race, to any genotype and phenotype. They activate natural processes of genetic correction, providing effective recovery of the organism.
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Using the materials of clinic tests (see application)
Act of introducing clinic tests of TAG-protector KVAZAR for mobile phones
The results of KVASAR products set use in treatment of some diseases

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