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1. SOI Technology in the manufacturing of silicon wafers for micro- and nano-electronics by quantum micromechanics methods
The key task of semiconductor industry is to produce silicon substrates of high quality using "silicon-on-insulator" (SOI) technology. There has been worked out the silicon wafer manufacturing technology that uses the quantum micromechanics methods

2. Nanotechnologies - what are they?
Nanotecnologies radically change our idea of the environment. A new direction - altitechnologies - is further development of nanotechnologies for practical application in engineering, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.
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3. Microminiaturization and cyber organisms "constructor" of artificial nano-components
Microscopic robots will automatically assemble themselves of nano-robots to perform a particular single task and, having accomplished it, disjoin to billions of microscopic robots ready to assemble a new robot for other task.

4. "Living computers" for "Clever cosmetics"
At present, it is possible to produce so-called "clever cosmetics" commercially, using advanced "living machines" technologies. These creams find out and eliminate the problem themselves; they "know" where the skin is dry and where it is oily, when it needs nutrition or moistening. Such creams should be used only once a day.

5. Some solutions for tackling the problems of technosphere and megapolis environmental safety
The work defines urgent technosphere problems and main factor damaging megapolis ecological environment. Certain examples show possible ways to remediate human environment in the age of technosphere development. We give the list of practical works based on fundamentally new alti-technologies, permitting to solve various application tasks in ecology, medicine, industry and agriculture. Further development of alti-technologies creates real objective prerequisites for transition to environmentally friendly and safe economics with fundamentally new opportunities. A. Hesin, Doctor of Engineering Science, the academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

6. Preliminary results of transdermal "quantum SIM-medicines" clinical tests
Theses of the report "Preliminary results of transdermal "quantum SIM-medicines" clinical tests"

7. Analytic information on researches in the field of nanotechnology
Comparative analysis of scientific researches and applied alti-technologies correspondence in technologically developed countries.

8. 10 ways to save health and brain from mobile phone radiation
"The fact that people willingly expose their brain to microwave radiation of mobile phones is the largest biologic experiment on human being in history. "
Professor Leif Salford, the Head of Research Department of Lund University, Sweden

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9. "Undulatory apparatus and the technique of accelerated incorporated radionuclide removal out of human organism"
The most significant ecological safety problem of today is active environment contamination by radioactive isotopes.

Entering of radioactive isotopes to human organism from air, water and food leads to various irreversible pathologic consequences, including malignancies and early ageing of population. Developing the "Radiation Safety" concept the authors managed to create special detectors, the radiation of which permits to transform incorporated radioactive isotopes in human body and activate natural processes of their removal. Basing on undulatory therapeutic system and professional metric human system authors managed to create a complex, providing accelerated radionuclide removal out of the organism by undulatory medical technologies with objective instrumental control of radionuclide migration in the organism in the process of their natural eduction due to activation of the cellular autoregulation processes.

The theory and technique of radiological rehabilitation of operating personnel of atomic energy industry objects, as well as the population in case of nuclear intervention/ use of nuclear weapons, technogenic catastrophes at nuclear objects, nuclear terrorism was worked out.

10. Nanotechnologies discover a new world in a variety of ways.
Owing to science-based reserves of military complex of USSR and enthusiasm of Russian scientists, new philosophic basis and processing platform for industrial applying of nano-technologies were created. At present one can say with certainty that Russia takes leading position in development of nano-technologies. Today we are able to use the advantages and prospects of nano- and altitechnologies.
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11. Nano-medicine what is it?
Modern medicine begins active use of nano-technologies gains and thus develops its new direction i.e. so called nano-medicine.
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12. Use of nano-computers with artificial intelligence in nano-medicine
Doctor switches on nano-computer system that estimates the state of Your organism at cellular level by itself, then makes decision and starts the regeneration of organs, systems and tissues of the organism. As a rule, in 10 minutes the pain syndrome begins to ease, and You are all right after 10 procedures.

13. Nano-robots (cyborgs) capable to repair cells
Unfortunately, modern medicine has to start treatment after the illness has not only manifested and progressed in the body, but also managed to "strengthen" there, otherwise doctors could not make a diagnosis.

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